Dropping Evil God, Semi-Dropping All Projects

Yeah. Sorry about the break, IRL stuff, and I totally forgot about this stuff. Anyways, I dropped Evil God, but you can read that at: https://unhingedtranslation.wordpress.com/ Also, since I don't have enough time to translate anything right now, I'm semi-dropping all other projects. I'll release them when I finish them, but don't expect anything. Pretty … Continue reading Dropping Evil God, Semi-Dropping All Projects


Episode 4/Part 2

Deciding to shelve that problem for the time being, Ruito checked the pockets of the clothes he was wearing. This was because the fact that his clothes were changed meant that the clothes he was currently wearing should have been prepared by Roge, and as long as Roge didn't irresponsibly throw him out into the … Continue reading Episode 4/Part 2

26th Episode: It’s a Mysterious Old Man, but/Part 1

⸺Gazes, gazes, gazes from the surroundings. The people coming and going were glancing at us.   Nevertheless, we continued along the middle of the path to the town.   However, no one tried to disturb our progress.   With Arisa in the front⸺Ellie and I each followed behind her.   Arisa’s silver long hair fluttered, … Continue reading 26th Episode: It’s a Mysterious Old Man, but/Part 1

Northtowie Archipelago

The Northtowie Archipelago. An archipelago farther east than the continent of Britoria. Although, there are stories of the world being round and that you could reach it by going west as well. In a world with only one continent, sailing technology wouldn’t develop very much. Therefore, it’s life-threatening to go to the Northtowie Archipelago. The … Continue reading Northtowie Archipelago

25th Episode: It’s the Ruins in the Forest, but/Part 2

***   Like that, we walked through the ancient [town]. Then, we entered the largest building that was in the center of the town.   Right where I passed through the entrance, there was a drafty large open space.   It might have been weathered away or collapsed, but only the ceiling’s framework remained. Light … Continue reading 25th Episode: It’s the Ruins in the Forest, but/Part 2

Episode 4/Part 1

The moment his consciousness returned, thinking that was something he didn't want to have to experience too many times, Ruito slowly opened his eyes. While not knowing how much time he lost consciousness for, to the fact that he wasn't in that strange place where he couldn't tell where it was, but in some not-dense … Continue reading Episode 4/Part 1