Dropping Evil God, Semi-Dropping All Projects

Yeah. Sorry about the break, IRL stuff, and I totally forgot about this stuff.

Anyways, I dropped Evil God, but you can read that at: https://unhingedtranslation.wordpress.com/

Also, since I don’t have enough time to translate anything right now, I’m semi-dropping all other projects. I’ll release them when I finish them, but don’t expect anything. Pretty much just waiting for anyone to pick them up.


6 thoughts on “Dropping Evil God, Semi-Dropping All Projects

  1. Well thanks anyhow for what you have translated so far, hope the IRL things don’t consume you whole, still waiting for someone to pick up Yandere Disciple.


  2. Aw, that’s too bad. We’ll miss you! 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
    Thanks for all the Evil God chapters you gave us. And remember….. Even if you’re gone, Nepu will always stalk your site.


  3. Ugh… IRL stuff… hard. Well, I hope for the best of you, also hoping that you can settle all your problems, good luck! ^^


  4. Well… all I can say is best of luck on your IRL stuff. I was a little mad that someone else picked up Evil God, but I have no issues since you dropped it. I will miss your translations though. Until we meet again.


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